Move the Needle Project

Reversing Corneal Blindness Globally Through Transplantion 


About 150,000 corneal transplants took place worldwide in 2015. That might sound like a big number, but more than 12 million people around the globe suffer from corneal blindness treatable by surgery — almost all of them outside of the United States.

KeraLink International's Move The Needle Project is intended to change that by dramatically increasing the number of sight-saving procedures performed by 2025.  It’s an unprecedented and ambitious target, to be sure, but with our passion, innovation, and leadership, we’re ready to rise to the challenge.

In collaboration with some of the brightest and most innovative research scientists and clinicians in the world, Move the Needle Project supports research and related trials that have the promise to expand the treatment options for the corneally blind in ways that are scalable and accessible.

Millions of corneally blind people will benefit from the real world application of research advancements that can help them see again someday. The goal of  Move the Needle Project is to make “someday” come much sooner.

Working together to overcome obstacles

If we’re truly going to Move the Needle on corneal blindness, it’s going to take the collective effort of researchers, medical professionals, and financial supporters to pool their talents and resources.

Move the Needle Project is poised to address both the mathematical challenge (working to increase the number of patients who can be helped by each donation) and the logistical challenges (making sure the innovative treatments are scalable, self-sustaining, and accessible).


What you can do to advance our mission

KeraLink International is a nonprofit organization, and we rely on people like you to help us accomplish big things. A small financial contribution can make all the difference for someone suffering from corneal blindness. It’s easier than you might think to change someone’s life — see for yourself with our donation calculator.