Bangladesh Project

Serving the Corneally Blind in Bangladesh


While corneal transplant procedures are commonplace in the United States and Europe, people with corneal blindness in developing countries are woefully underserved due to a lack of available corneal tissue. In fact, about 12 million people around the world are in need of a corneal transplant.

Per capita, the people of Bangladesh are most affected by this lack of resources. While approximately 500,000 people are in need of a corneal transplant in Bangladesh, only about 60 people underwent the procedure in 2016 using locally procured corneas.

The only way to effectively treat corneal blindness in developing countries like Bangladesh is to develop self-sustaining programs of eye donation in the local population.KeraLink International is spearheading an effort to accomplish just that.

Watch the video below to find out more about what we’re doing in Bangladesh.

New Vision in Bangladesh - Keralink International from TAO Feature Films on Vimeo.