Eradicating Corneal Blindness

KeraLink International’s mission is to eradicate corneal blindness by providing innovative and affordable solutions and technologies to underserved populations in lower-and middle-income countries.

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Corneal Blindness Is a Globally Neglected
Public Health Issue


People worldwide are living with corneal blindness


Of people with corneal blindness live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)


Of people who need a cornea transplant in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) will not get one

Corneal blindness is preventable, treatable, and reversible. No one needs to be blind due to corneal disease or injury.

However, treatment and care for corneal diseases and injuries are often inaccessible or unaffordable in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

We can change this – with your help.​
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Prioritizing the Cornea

Causes & Consequences of
Corneal Blindness

Corneal blindness can be caused by infection, injury, inflammation, or inherited conditions. It primarily impacts young people in LMICs and has profound social and economic consequences, including:

Reduced Quality of Life
Educational Barriers
Increased Healthcare Costs
Gender Disparities
Loss of Productivity
Our Approach

The PEN Strategy

We use a collaborative three-pronged approach for holistic cornea care.


We work to prevent injuries and infections that can lead to corneal blindness

Conditions Targeted for Prevention:
Our Prevention Initiatives:
Protective Eyewear
Early Detection & Rapid Treatment

Stopping corneal conditions from advancing to visual impairment and blindness

Conditions Targeted in Early Detection:
Our Early Detection Initiatives:
Diagnostic Devices & AI Algorithms
Non-Pharmaceutical Antimicrobial
Novel Therapeutics

Preserving & restoring sight using affordable & sustainable novel treatments

Treatments Being Developed:
Sterile Tissue
Bio-engineered Implants
Our Novel Therapeutics Initiatives:
Anti-Fungal & Antibiotic
Irradiated Corneal Tissue
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Our Breakthroughs

KLI Initiatives

We seek to discover, develop, and deploy sustainable technology innovations​ to accelerate the eradication of corneal blindness.​

Irradiated Cornea Tissue

A groundbreaking corneal tissue preservation method utilizing irradiation.

Bioengineered Corneal Implants

Developing bioengineered solutions to reduce the reliance on donor tissue to address corneal blindness.

AI Diagnostic Algorithms

KLI is developing algorithms & handheld diagnostic devices to detect cornea abnormalities and diseases.

Non-pharmaceutical Antimicrobials

A non-pharmaceutical treatment for early keratitis and corneal infection.

Protective Eyewear

KLI is developing customizable consumer grade safety eyewear for agricultural workers in LMICs.

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