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KeraLink International is the only organization uniting clinicians, technology innovators, social entrepreneurs, and donors into a coordinated, collaborative effort to eradicate corneal blindness in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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Your contribution will help us prevent, detect, and treat corneal conditions that lead to blindness and restore sight to those awaiting transplants.

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The Hard Truths About Corneal Blindness

In India, an estimated
7 Million People
have corneal blindness in at least one eye
Conditions that lead to corneal blindness disproportionately affect
the poor in rural areas
In India, the net loss of Gross National Income due to blindness is estimated at
$34.8 Billion (USD)
The potential loss of productivity due to vision impairment is
$29.4 Billion (USD)
Help Us Bring Vision to Those in Need of Corneal Care.
No one needs to be blind due to corneal disease or injury.
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